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This list with all of the Posadas ( Lodges ) and camps in Venezuela.

Its (cataloging of Standard and Superior Posada) has been made by different individual commercial and non commercial persons that knows Venezuela and its development, the people, and and its Posadas very well trough the years.

The judgment is based on:

Location, Architecture and details, price, room size, personal attention, quality of food, extra services that the posada offers and flexibility of different accommodation plans the each individual posada offers etc. (accommodation only, B + B, half pension, full pension / full board, and all included), this it is only a guide, and if you believe we are wrong with some of the posadas, please write to us and we will be very happy to discuss the matter.

After the last review October in, there has been a general improvement in Venezuela of all posadas related to the above, and that is still maintaining the original charm, its people, and personality only found here.

Prices are per person, and relative since they can change from day to day......

Most of the posadas now have air-condition although not mentioned in there respective page.

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