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New York Times:

According to Explore Partners, a Caracas-based tour company that can arrange flights, rooms and sailing, diving and fishing excursions as well ( 58-212-287-0517 ;

Allow plenty of time to make a reservation and be prepared to wonder, perhaps for days, whether you actually have one. To secure my reservation I was told to fax a copy of my passport and credit card to Explore Partners' office in Caracas.

Great trip, Great people

Tim Neville <> New York Times

Hola Nancy, le comento que todo el viaje estuvo super bien, gracias por su apoyo. Estamos en contacto.


Quería agradecer por el servicio prestado, no tuvimos ningún tipo de inconveniente con nuestra reservación. Así mismo informarles, que la posada fue una selección exelente, recibimos un gran trato por parte de sus dueños, con instalaciones cómodas y limpias, muy buena comida y atención.

Muy Agradecida,

Rebeca Cardier

We had a wonderful time in Angel Falls. The guide was great, the river was nice, the scenery was beautiful and the weather was just fine!

Thank you so much for your help getting everything set up! I will recommend that any of my friends travelling to Venezuela contact you!

All the best


Hello Gio,

Well I just wanted to write you and thank you for helping me and my family out in preparing our trip. We all had a wonderful time dispite the problems in Margarita. The people in Canaima and Los Roques were very nice and helpful and a pleasure to be with. It was a trip we will all remember for the rest of our life.

Thanks Again


Hi Gio,

I just wanted to thank you for organising the trip to Los Roques.

We had a beautiful time.

I am back in November and we would like to go Angel Falls or somewhere else then.

I will let you know.

All the best


Mom and I really enjoyed our trip. We will tell other Americans what a beautiful country Venezuela is. We would love to return and stay longer with you guiding our holydays. We are very happy to see the pureness and majesty of Venezuela.

Thank You

Sarah & Jan Dudle

Alabama, USA

Hi Remo,

Thank you for your letter. We feel good even if we restarted our jobs. Our holidays were really better than we expected and your country and all the people we meet were fantastic. I think I'll suggest to all my friends to visit Venezuela with your organization. A special thanks to Remo for everything he made for us and to you concerning all the reservations you made and the airport assistance. I hope I'll heard you in the future.

Bye, Paolo Balestrino (and family)

En nombre de mi esposa y mio querenos agradecerte por habernos ayudado a pasar una luna de miel diferente, por cierto, muy bonita, divertida y entretenida. Debemos reconocer que la eleccion de los sitios a visitar, mochima, los roques, canaima, choroní, el viaje estuvo lleno de gente amigable y calor humano. Eres un ejemplo de Venezolana amigable y carismática, muchas gracias de parte de estos Bolivianos.

Jorge Arce y Mariana Allerdiag


Thank you very much for wonderful adventurous tour into Venezuela, This one the best waterfall I´ve ever seen in my life!!! Canaima is the best, thanks for organizing this for me.

Kent Jhonson

Hi Lu Ann,

I had an awesome time!!! The Rodovias bus company was great, but the Rapidos Guyana was not so good. The Bernal Tours had Mosquito nets for their hammocks and that was great! We actually hiked to the foot of Angel Falls.

Overall, it was incredible!!! The Falls were so beautiful! I had a great time and I'm very glad I came. I was able to take some great pictures. Thank you for all of your help! I will recommend your service to anyone who is interested in going.

Thank you!

Matt Smith


All of us have returned safely from Venezuela and had a fantastic trip. Thank you very much for arranging everything. The Angel Falls expedition was one of the best experiences I've ever had, and everyone at Bernal was fantastic.


Dear Lu Ann,

Everything was fine - Air tickets right in time, Waku Lodge ***** -

I plan to come back in Canaima in december for a longer time, and walk a few days with friends up to a tepuy. The daytrip to Orchid Island was the best.

In Mochima Villa Majagual, the staff was a bit shy, but I must say to my great shame that I don't speak enough of spanish, and it probably explains that.

I sincerely hope that the situation improves soon in your country; We don't have here so much news about your country.

Be sure that I keep a special place in my heart for Venezuela.

You will hear from me before the end of year.

Kindly, Yves Carru

Dear Lu Ann ,

We are very happy of our holidays Everything you planned with us was perfect We appreciate so much

Los Roques is very very nice Island and Posada Malibu is so pretty and beautiful and food is very very good ( even for French ¡!!!!!!!! )

We hope to send you some others friends

Thank you for your help and congratulations for your excellent job

Best regards

Pierre Levy


We have just returned home from a lovely trip to Los Roques. Our connections were perfect, we LOVED the posada, and the diving was excellent.

Thanks again for you efforts in helping us organize such a great vacation.


Hallo Lu Ann!

Our vacation in Los Roques was wonderful and I wanted to thank you again for your help. I also wanted to ask you if you could send me please the voucher of my stay in Los Roques via e-mail .

Thank you again and regards

Tania Stoeckel

Hi Lu-Ann

Just a quick note to thank you for arranging such a terrific holiday for us. It was a fantastic experience and such a beautiful country.

Lu-Ann - hope you got back safely, sorry we missed you at the airport.

Thanks again guys!

Fran, Jon, Gary and Natalie

Hey I just want to say THANK-YOU Thank-you and thank-you!!

Our dive was great today! We all thoroughly enjoyed it. We went out to La Guaza, descended to approx 100ft and I was one of the lucky ones to stay down for a full 49 minutes! It was great. My buddy had his camera so I am waiting for his photos!

I really appreciate the deal you made for us. I also appreciate that this was all done at the last minute and we are all happy that we have a taste of Los Roques - I think we all want to come back and dive here more now though!!

Thank-you to Thomas and thank-you to the boat crew.

Until next time when we are here!!

Best personal regards,


Yours truly,

Kirstie L. Butterworth, Concierge, The World

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our website:


Just a quick one to thank you for such an amazing trip at such short notice and that we got to see (and land on) everything!!. Apart from achieving all we wanted to do it was the unexpected additions like the way Raphael set up the approach to Angel Falls and then flying to the base and back up again - plus the 'high speed dug out cnaoe' racing within inches of the banks, trees and rocks - up the rapids!!

Jacky is not quite as comfortable with fast movement and close shaves as I am but I know from heariong her tell the kids and writing postcards that she too really really enjoyed it.

We are already making a list of the things we want to see next time!!

Many thanks

Garth and Jacky

Hi Frank,

At the moment I'm in Aruba. Me and my wife have been to Los Roques. What a wonderful time !!! Everything really ok. Nils gave us the best assistance we always had. He's fantastic !! At Los Roques everything were wonderful. The place, the dives, the Posada and the personnel, the dive operator ECOBUZOS. Thank you very much for all your assistance. Hope to travel with you again soon. Be sure I will always recommend you agency. Thanks again,


They had a great time during there charter vacation. Thanks.. In fact they had an outstanding time. I will recommend others to you in the future.


Greg Whitaker

Heartland Travel & Tours.

I have finally caught up from our trip, and was cleaning the desk off and couldn't find a final billing. Thanks in advance. Also wanted to say that we had a great time during the whole trip. The Obsession and crew were fantastic, the accommodations, Nils, and the marlin fishing were all great. Thanks for a well planned and executed trip. We look forward to returning. We enjoyed meeting you for a drink. It is always nice to put a face on a contact that you have been corresponding with in email. Hopefully we will be able to assist each others business in some way in the future.

Take care,

Dave Hansen

Nomad Adventures

Hej Explore

Bare lige en hurtig besked fra os om at alt forløb som det skulle. Vi havde en suveræn fiske ferie og drømmer os allerede tilbage. Din mand Eddie kom fint og hentede os i Caracas og efter lidt kørsel rundt i kvarteret fandt han Hotel Santiago. Vi hørte fra 2 andre danskere at Hotel Royal i Caracas skulle være helt i top mht comfort og pris (den skulle være nævnt i en berømt travel guide). Eddie kom for sent næste morgen, så vi turde ikke andet end at booke med hotel ejeren, som kørte os i lufthavnen. Eddie dukkede op 20 minutter senere og undskyldte. Iøvrigt betalte han os tilbage hvad vi havde givet for hotel taxien. Det var flot.

Posada Dona Magalis var ok i forhold til prisen (tror vi). Dog havde et par andre danskere fået ophold ved siden af (Posada rec.....???) til samme pris, men med aircondition og efter sigende bedre mad og forplening. Det kan selvfølgelig skyldes at det var lavsæson og de fleste hungrede efter turister.

Jeg er ret overbevist om at du vil se flere danskere til Los Roques i fremtiden. Ugen før vi ankom var der 13 danskere som var afsted sammen. De skriver snart en artikel til fiske bladene.

Vi høres ved næste gang turen går til Los Roques.

MVH / Frantz Ekmann + Allan Sandfeld

Hola Frank,

Nuestro último viaje con el Obsession fue un placer y un éxito para todos. Gracias.

Esta vez, me gustaría ir a Los Roques a pasar un fin de semana en una posada.

Tendría algo (de bien con el max comodidad) disponible para esta fin de semana?

25/26 Enero – 2 personas – todo incluido (avión + posada).

Saludos cordiales,

Jacques Martres.

Gente, primos, amigos, queridos, foi linda a minha viagem! Guys it was beautiful!

This is Los Roques: From the airplane, Maribel the sweet guide who received me, the bed and breakfast street, the pier and airport on the sand with the truck tower, Francisqui that means Francisco's key because he was the one who first steped there, sunset.

Los Roques, Venezuela: do avião, a guia, a rua das pousadas, o aeroporto-pier na praia, uma das prais, por do sol!

Tomorrow: dive, moreas, lobsters, baracudas and coral reef! Amanhã mergulho, lagostas, moreias, barracudas e corais!!

Saudades, V. Love, V.

Veronica Clerot

Venezuela Dream

The trip began with me dreaming away again about fishing for blue marlin, but where should I go. A quick search on the web led us to Explore Venezuela, a tour and travel company specialist in fishing, diving and accommodation; you name it they will help you out.

The General Manager put things together for us via e-mail assuring us that Venezuela was where the action was.

Frank, my fishing companion, and I sorted the flights out from the UK and Carlos met us at Caracas Airport on Saturday evening. A forty minute drive to the Portofino Marina and we were in a safe friendly hotel with great food and wine.

It was early May and the Marina was very quiet, the busy time is from October – December for a mixed bag. We were here for blue's and the quieter the better, less hassle on the La Guaira bank.

We where introduced us to his colleague Ernani who organised our fishing with two locals, Eli and Cesar, they both knew their stuff. La Guaira Bank took about 1½ hrs from the marina as soon as we put the lines out it just couldn't get any better.

Day One 150lb blue, lost two. As well as the blues two big dolphins and I mean big in the 90lb class.

Day Two trolling dead Ballyhoo rose a 350lb blue and on 30lb line was a handful. It beat us up pretty good taking 2 hrs to the boat, Two more hungry big male dolphins meant several Cuba/Libras at the bar in the Marina to recover as soon as we got in.

Day Three was the business with four blues coming to the teasers together and crashing the four lines. Chaos was the understatement as I, Cesar and Ely struggled to come to terms with what was happening.

Trying in vain to keep the four lines hooked up, we were left with two nice juvenile blues one lost at the boat the other about 150lb which we got to the leader. It still wasn't over as two big dolphins could not resist a bite later in the day. A session in the bar that evening with the crew brought the day to a close.

It just doesn't get any better than this, stick to the hassle of October don't think about April or May will you.

Thanks to Carlos, Nani, Ely, Cesar and the friendly staff at the Marina Bar/Hotel – was it a dream?

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