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Venezuela West Tour 22 Days / 21 nights

Created on Viernes, 20 Enero 2012. Posted in Packages/Tours

... in Maiquetia Airport Caracas. 2 hours Car ride with private Chauffeur to Maracay, accommodation in 4 star Hotel in Maracay including B&B. 02 Day: Optional Day Tour to Hacienda Santa Teresa, a 250 year ...

Hacienda Villa Rosa

Created on Jueves, 22 Diciembre 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

With Savannah and mountains in the distance, with a huge hut next to the pool, 2 lagoons, buffaloes, a lounge with Satellite TV and tours in the area. They offer tours to Aguas Calientes, Los Caños and ...

Hacienda Agua Miel Posada Spa

Created on Miércoles, 12 Octubre 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

Under the palm trees, with ample space for dining and entertainment. In addition to the rooms they offer spa and massages, facial and body polish, revitalizing masks, moisturizing hand and foot paraffin ...

Posada El Cují

Created on Sábado, 04 Junio 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

... Ofrece 3 rutas: exploración por la zona árida, recorrido por el patrimonio caroreño y visita a las haciendas de ganado. Quienes compartan la fascinación de Edgar por los muebles, ...

Posada Hacienda La Palmera

Created on Sábado, 02 Abril 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

A nice peaceful place with Creole breakfast, and homemade gourmet dishes. Enjoy the valley of Barlovento, the sea in a distance and the mountain. If you want beach, in a short time you can reach Puerto ...

Hacienda La Trinidad

Created on Miércoles, 30 Marzo 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

Cool climate, waterfalls to view or to swim in, horseback riding or cycling, days of milking, farm contact, kayaking, fishing, village visits, hiking, in short, to live with nature. It is an ideal venue ...

Hacienda Restaurant La Pancha

Created on Sábado, 12 Marzo 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

A house built in colonial style with doors, windows, floors and fittings salvaged from old houses in Paraguaná. Inside operates the restaurant, which also serves outside guests on weekends, only by reservation. ...

Posada Valle Del Viento

Created on Lunes, 12 Julio 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Old hacienda style house with lots of wood, dog-eared white walls, its earth-colored wall, a large patio with grass and pool. Beautiful, comfortable, spacious, rooms with lovely bathrooms, DVD, and kitchen, ...

Hacienda La Concepción

Created on Jueves, 22 Abril 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

The Carabobo High Valleys are very peculiar. Its perfect weather, cool breeze, the silence, the fertility of the lands, the sweetness of your oranges, the peace of their people. The Conception has grown, ...

Mucuposada Hacienda El Carrizal

Created on Viernes, 12 Marzo 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

A 200 hundred years beautiful home at 2506 meters hight, run by its owners. Beautiful stove, and saddlery workshop with rich food served in the kitchen.

Posada La Hacienda Vieja

Created on Jueves, 10 Diciembre 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

The rooms here are spacious and comfortable with their balconies and tremendous views. It is built around the ruins of a coffee plantation in 1714. Comes with Creole breakfast and a welcome drink.

Hacienda Sierraverde

Created on Lunes, 17 Agosto 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

The site is spectacular. The Grandparents' House for 7 people, one for 5 and Alfonso Villa for a romance of two, and a spectacular suite, The Juliana penthouse, all beautifully decorated. There are two ...

Hacienda Paria Shakti

Created on Jueves, 07 Mayo 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

A typical cocoa farm house of the area of ​​Paria, beautiful, tastefully decorated, spacious rooms all handsome and a balcony overlooking the cocoa plantation. They serve delicious oriental food balanced ...

Hacienda Tácata Arriba

Created on Lunes, 27 Abril 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

With a beautiful pool, great rivers, waterfalls, horseback riding, and a chapel where weddings can be held. Besides the old and cozy house, you find a lodge with 33 rooms with their balconies where you ...

Hacienda Aguasana

Created on Lunes, 01 Diciembre 2008. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

The farm is in a natural area for Eco tourism and wellbeing, with a little space for accommodation and hot springs. Fine spacious and airy rooms, with double height ceilings and wooden lofts, scattered ...

Hacienda Monterosa in Choroni:

Created on Lunes, 21 Septiembre 2009. Posted in Enlaces / Leasure Activities!

Discover and enjoy an original cacao plantation (EN).


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