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Guide to Camps & Posadas

Guide to Camps, Posadas & Cabins

The New accommodation guide to Camps, Lodges, Hotels, Posadas & Cabins has more than 400 new places, and all data has been completely updated based on the author's unannounced inspection visits and investigation.

Some features of the guide include:

Bilingual format, with English and Spanish side-by-side in the same edition.

2,695 posadas, cabins, camps, and other unique alternatives to traditional hotels in every state of Venezuela, plus options for Los Roques, La Tortuga, and Laos Aves in every price range and style.

Specific information about recommended routes (for nicer views, shorter driving time, better roads, etc.), road conditions (if other than normal paved highways are involved), special events (during which dates you might want to plan your visit - or avoid the place if your desire is a peaceful escape rather than festival atmosphere), special requirements or restrictions (e.g., if advanced reservations or deposits are required, if pets or small children are not accepted, if towels or kitchen utensils are not provided...), details about permits or special requirements for some national parks (such as permits required for camping on the islands of Morrocoy National Park or, in the case of Canaima National Park, that Pemon guides must be used for ascents of Roraima, etc.), if credit cards are accepted (plus which ones and if surcharges are added), if taxes are included in the price (important, since there is a 14.5% sales tax plus 1% which goes to a special national fund for promotion and training for tourism), along with any other data that eliminates unpleasant surprises.

Prices verified within 3 months prior to publication, with the date indicated when they were obtained (always subject to change - but, at least giving one a reference for comparison).

Convenient organization with the options listed in the order (using Caracas as the arbitrary starting point, with the routes radiating to the west, south, and east from there) they are encountered on each route to facilitate making selections based on estimated time of arrival and the choices available in a particular zone.

Inclusion of e-mail and web pages, for those who have them, along with telephone numbers, faxes, and cellular phones to provide the maximum possible means of communication.

20 maps indicating the locations of entries in the book.

16 pages with 52 full color photos of options available.

A new format has been used for the index, using key word as the guide (to facilitate locating places whose exact name is now known - for example, EL GABAN, Centro Turistico; EL DESCANSO, Habitaciones Familiares; CHURUATAS SAN TADEO, Campamento Ecologico; LA CASONA DE TABAY, La Posada Turistica), rather than listing exactly as the name appears in the text.

Personal visits, inspections, and research for all entries carried out exclusively by the author.

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Guide to Camps & Posadas
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