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Posada Turística Don José

Created on Lunedì 21 Novembre 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

With two floors, each floor with a living room, DirecTV, kitchen, refrigerator and utensils for guests to prepare their meals.

Posada Turística Niquitao

Created on Lunedì 11 Luglio 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

The rooms are large and comfortable. From the courtyard you you enjoy the mountains and the sun.

Posada Turística Nuestro Sueño

Created on Domenica 15 Maggio 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Sleeps up to 10 people and equipped with kitchen appliances and utensils, dining room. Barbecue in the area of ​​the pool and nice green areas.    

Granja Paraíso Posada Turística Pueblo De Antaño El Barquisimeto De Antier

Created on Domenica 20 Marzo 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Pedro Rodríguez regresó de estudiar en España y resolvió montar posada en sus tierras aprovechando tanto campo y aire libre para leer, caminar o ver el cielo. Hay antigüedades, ...

Narhuaca Posada Turística

Created on Martedì 25 Gennaio 2011. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

The Lodge is an old Corana family house. The rooms are with same design, and very harmonious. Offering massage. facials and body treatments. The owners strive to provide the visit a warm and welcoming. ...

Posada Turística El Morocho

Created on Venerdì 10 Dicembre 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Cuartos sencillos, una sala de estar y el comedor. En la parte de arriba una terraza desde donde se ven la iglesia y el casco colonial. Atienden sus dueños, Yoleida Franco y Alan Rodríguez, ...

Posada Turística Don Antonio

Created on Lunedì 25 Ottobre 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Simple house in the middle of historical part of town. What you see is pure backpacker and young people. There is one common fridge in the kitchen and laundry. They have a cafeteria and parking. Jackeline ...

Posada Turística Cachamay

Created on Martedì 04 Maggio 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

On the beach with a lot of different activities.

Posada Turística El Mangle

Created on Domenica 07 Febbraio 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Lodge with good taste and attention to details, The central courtyard has a restaurant with tables and chairs, the rooms are at the end and where you also find a small. Offers transport from the airport ...

Posada Turística Persam

Created on Martedì 19 Gennaio 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Simple but great, with kitchen and electricity.

Posada Turística Villa Anare

Created on Venerdì 08 Gennaio 2010. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Beachfront Lodge, with kitchen for guests to use. Rooms upstairs, with huge terrace. The place is ideal for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Offers massages.

Finca Ecoturística y Recreacional Los Galvis

Created on Lunedì 28 Dicembre 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Haciendas

It is a farm with 32 acres of land with a large pool, barbecue, a game room, a huge terrain for walking and a lagoon for fishing. Meals are offered or barbecue.

Posada Turística Villa Deor

Created on Venerdì 11 Dicembre 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

Neat with a hallway full of plants that gives the rooms an nice entrance. Internet access.

Posada Turística Don Porfirio

Created on Venerdì 09 Ottobre 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

With 8 nice rooms and meals can be arranged. Boat rides to the beaches and guided tours to the mountain.    

Posada Turística El Gallo

Created on Giovedì 08 Gennaio 2009. Posted in Accommodation/Lodges

It's very pretty, in the colonial area Migliore Choir exhibits his work in a room of the house, sells traditional crafts of the area and offers tours. Internet access, a TV lounge, barbecue and kitchen ...
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